Online Consultation

Initial online consultation to set your goals and targets with regular check-ins to monitor your progress & keep you on track

Bespoke Packages

Each package will be personalized to your sport and training goals to take your performance to the next level or to improve your general wellbeing and fitness

Flexible Training Schedule

Training schedule tailored to your needs, both online and face to face packages are available

Performance Optimization

Focused training goals to optimize performance and improve movement patterns


Hi! My name is Jack Dowling and I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach based in North West England. I have worked full time with a Premier League Academy for the past six years where I currently hold the position of Lead Strength and Conditioning coach.

I have a great interest in biomechanics and strength work as I appreciate that these disciplines maximize an athlete’s true potential. Experience within these areas of fitness has allowed me to tailor each package to suit individual goals, whether it is managing an injury or adding more horsepower to the engine in the gym.

I now offer my services as a Strength and Conditioning Coach to current and aspiring athletes, football players or, indeed, anybody who wishes to make improvements to their fitness levels.


Elite Athlete Package

The Elite package is for athletes looking to take their performance to the next step, whether this be returning from an injury or currently competing in sport. Each package will be bespoke to the athlete’s sport and training goals, where both online and face to face packages are available.

Corporate Package

The corporate package is for people looking to improve their general health, wellbeing, strength and fitness. This package is for anyone with gym access or for somebody who is looking to workout from home

How it Works

A bespoke training schedule will be set for each individual which will include access to a detailed coaching platform. Your online Zoom consultation is an informal chat where we will discuss your training goals and needs. As soon as you’re ready to go, we will jump straight into coaching and assessments!

Members Area

The members area is a library of videos, useful information and a community chat forum exclusive to you. This will be regularly updated with new content from myself.

Online Coaching

Sessions will be delivered online via Zoom by myself with the opportunity for me to coach you through specific movements you need within your program.

In-person Coaching

Elite Coaching Members can avail of in-person coaching if local to the north-west, I have access to a gym facility within the Crosby area of Liverpool for 1:1 sessions. If preferred, I can travel to you if access to a home or work gym is available where I would be allowed to attend. For elite packages requiring pitch sessions location can be decided on an individual basis.


Receiver of The Richard Holmes Award for Emerging Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year (2020)


Tom Scully – Professional Footballer league 1
Tom Scully – Professional Footballer league 1

It’s a pleasure to work with Jack. I do not think I would be where I am now without his help and persistence for me to do well. He is always making sure I am at 100%. Jack has helped me every way possible. Pushing me to my limits, even when I didn’t think I could reach them. Jack at times has also reminded me of that sickly feeling which shows how hard he can push me. I would recommend Jack to anyone wanting to improve their fitness and get in good condition!

Tim Cahill – Ex Premier League Player Australian international
Tim Cahill – Ex Premier League Player Australian international

It has been great to work together with Jack at the academy for a short time and the attention to detail when he works with individuals and teams in an elite environment. His individual programs have really helped my two eldest boys improve on and off the park.

John Noonan - Performance coach
John Noonan - Performance coach

Jack is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure to coach alongside. His ability to coach, communicate and build effective player/coach relationships is first class. People thoroughly enjoy working with Jack and get serious results in the process. With a proven track record developing national and international football talent, I highly recommend Jack’s services. Jack is a world class Strength and Conditioning coach.

Kate Quinn – Corporate client

I’ve had 1 to 1 session’s with Jack for a few months now. I suffered with sciatica from having my children and I had an ACL operation quite a few years back now, but my knee was just never the same. I found it hard working out and sometime daily life with both of these problems. Jack went through a few quick assessments with me and could straight away see what we needed to work on. We consistently went through work prior to my session and exercises to carry on at home along with my sessions. I have now not had any issues with my back during any session and I feel so much stronger and fitter. Would highly recommend. Jack knows his stuff.