About Me

Hi there! My name is Jack Dowling and I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach

I have worked full time with a Premier League Academy for the past six years where I currently hold the position of Lead Strength and Conditioning coach.

On completion of a degree in Science and Football (BSc Hons) I undertook a Masters Level qualification in Sports and Science (MPhil). I support elite athletes during their off-season, pre-season and in-season programs and conduct regular performance testing and analysis to accurately determine the development of an athlete’s performance.

Recently, I have gained recognition from the UKSCA, being awarded The Richard Holmes Award for Emerging Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year (2020).

What I Offer

I have a great interest in biomechanics and strength work as I appreciate that these disciplines maximise an athlete’s true potential. Experience within these areas of fitness has allowed me to tailor each package to suit individual goals, whether it is managing an injury or adding more horsepower to the engine in the gym.

My experience in Premier League Football ensures a deep understanding of how to maximise potential in all aspects in fitness. I have worked with highly respected coaches who have tutored me in the most current innovative practices within strength and conditioning. The completion of a further qualification with the UKSCA has enabled me to apply my knowledge and understanding; the requirements of athletes in all disciplines can now be met by my in-depth understanding and experience in this area of expertise.

I now offer my services as a Strength and Conditioning Coach to current and aspiring athletes, football players or, indeed, anybody who wishes to make improvements to their fitness levels.


Receiver of The Richard Holmes Award for Emerging Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year (2020)


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